Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Good Tired

I slept through the night last night, despite setting my alarm for 0500 to watch the Grand Prix of Turkey LIVE in HD. My DVR watched it too, but in standard def, not HD. I actually saw the start and the first 9-10 laps before I fell back asleep. A travel day really takes it out of a fella...

Saturday, BajaBabe flew into Oakland. I picked her up and we started by figuring out how long it's been since we'd last met face to face. Turns out it's been five years since she was in town...or rather near town, we met in Reno for an afternoon of messing about on errands and fast food. Our one and only trip to Sonic...neither of us was impressed.

On the way home to the Ancestral Digs, we stopped in El Cerrito for Casper's Famous Hot Dogs. Best hot dogs evah!

My Mom and BajaBabe haven't seen each other for way longer than five years, but they get along famously still. Sister K phoned, saying she'd be here in a half an hour...Mother's Day was filling up! I made Rhubarb Braised Pork Chops, and Yellow Crookneck Soup. After dinner I watched the Giants win again in dramatic fashion. Before I finally turned in, I caught up with the Formula One Circus and watched Qualifying from Istanbul on the DVR.

Rested, but still feeling physically tired, I got out of bed around 9 AM this morning. Sister K and BajaBabe were up and the French Roast was brewed. I drank coffee, chewed the fat, and scanned the Sunday paper's ads before retiring to the Den to watch the Turkish GP. Man, the new rules certainly have raised the excitement level. Lots of passing on the track this season...all the way through from the front to the back of the running order.

After the race, I made breakfast Huevos Rancheros w/ vine ripe heirloom tomatoes I picked up at the local Farmer's Market on the way to the Airport Saturday. Delicious, but really a tease of what's coming down the pike once the weather warms.

BajaBabe wondered what we were having for dinner. I'm craving fresh, wild California King Salmon, and the Commercial season opened earlier this week. I called the local fish monger and he said the price was too high for their blood, but try again Wednesday or Thursday. I know from my online fishing club that sport salmon has been a slow pick, which is to say slow so far. Winds have been keeping the fishing effort low, so the intel is slow coming, too. The fishing reports did feature San Francisco Bay Halibut in decent numbers for the first time this season...hello SturgeUrge!

Dinner menu can wait until the game's over...I'm layin' on the bed watching the game and feeling that good satisfied tired. The BodyClock reset is coming along nicely so far.

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