Thursday, May 12, 2011

Auto Pilot?

Am I running on Auto Pilot? Running on Empty? I can't tell yet.

Wednesday was a semi-lazy day around the Ancestral Digs until we ran to the other side of the county to pick up some live dungeness crabs at the Inland Valley's newest Asian Grocery Store.

Wednesday morning, I phoned SturgeUrge at work and told him he should invite BajaBabe and me over for dinner. "We'll bring dinner" I said..."live dungees, a tossed green salad, fresh raspberries, a bottle of bubbly, and a loaf of San Francisco Sourdough". "Sounds good Urge replied", "be there at seven"

We rolled out to the county's newest Asian Grocery to pick up the crab, and the crab tank was nearly empty. The fish monger warned me that many of the crab were missing legs. I told him that was OK as long as they had two claws. He served up three of the survivors, and we were on our way. I must admit I felt a little a vulture shopping the amputee ward maybe?

Anyway, Urge made quick work of putting dinner together. Steamed crab, a nice homemade balsamic vinaigrette, and as always an eye pleasing presentation. The conversation was lively and the dinner delicious. Near the end we turned on the Giants game, they were leading in the 6th inning.

We said good night before the game was after all a work night for Urge!

I watched the game winning out back at the Ancestral Digs and fell asleep before I could pen today's CorduroyPlanet blog. The Giants have now won six in a row, and are tied with Colorado for First Place! I did scan the Reno AFD to see if the model runs were giving them more or less confidence in the weekend forecast for the bicycle race. Last night, they were still saying snow down to lake level.

This morning that snow has become showers, though the AMGEN Tour of California organizers say they're ready for snow. If anything there's a greater likelihood of the weather impacting Stage One over Brockway Summit Sunday than the Stage 2 climb over Old Highway 40's Lincoln Highway climb over Donner Summit, where BajaBabe and I will be spectating.

Well, it's still four days 'till Stage 2...with any luck, the whole shebang will track north! Doesn't really matter either way, I just want to watch the best in the world ride over my favorite bit of mountain asphalt! I'm especially looking forward to seeing Luxemburger Andy Schleck, my pick to win this July's Tour de France.

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