Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Visiting Spring

I made the trip down the hill to the Ancestral Digs this weekend. Nice weather, the East Bay Hills emerald green with newly sprouted grasses, and the plum trees...oh my! All the Flowering Plumbs in my Mom's subdivision are in full bloom. Stunning when viewed against the background of green rolling hills.

With half of Monday and Tuesday devoted to errands, I saw eyeful after eyeful, and grabbed my camera when I embarked Tuesday...Post Office, Bank, TacoBell, COSTCO Gas, COSTCO, Health Food Store, Smart&Final, Asian Grocery, Hardware Store, and CVS Pharmacy.

I pulled over to rest up at my Mom's Church, where the Flowering Plums are the biggest in town. They also have some teak garden furniture to lay about on...right under the riot of Plum Blossoms.

I shot a bunch of photos...natural light...with fill flash...macro closeups...into the afternoon sun...and on, ad nasueam...Jeez...thay all looked so good on the digicam's 3" LCD!

Back at the Ancestral Digs, I put the groceries and supplies away, did some maintenance on the pickup, and laid down to take a load off and download the photos to the laptop with the 15.4" screen...

Oops, I forgot the proprietary USB Cable...and the Micro SD Card Adapter, so no joy until I get home to the DaveCave. d'oh!

I'll post a couple when I get home.

I turned on the tube. The local weatherpeople were gushing again on the 5 O'clock News, 6 O'clock News, and 11 O'clock newscasts. Just before his weathercast, KTVU2's meteorologist, Bill Martin hit Facebook to ask: 

"anybody in halfmoon bay... should be dumping....yes?" 

"I know you guys are all busy but would would help me out if you could hit me with any heavy rain reports.... Thanks."

"should be raining hard in the city right now... anybody verify?"
 I cocked my ear, but I couldn't hear any rain on the roof. I strode out to the garage, there I coud hear it...light, but steady rain...nothing rattling through the downspout outside my room yet, but it's here, and they say an inch or inch and a half by the time it exits Wednesday...noonish...
 I'm resigned to a sloppy drive up the hill, I'll be watching the Reno AFD, the webcams. and the remote data...timing is everything...I'll attempt to ride the backside of the last wave...I may lack for an hour or two of sleep, but I never have any trouble staying alert on storm nights! 
I've enjoyed my visit to Springtime World...I'm looking forward to getting back to Real Winter...and some more Hero Snow!


  1. Wired, dude.

    Go here and download this --

    Then I'll send you spreadsheets of scanner frequencies for northern California and scanner lingo codes.

    Yes, the scanner stuff is a work in progress, but you should be using Open Office just on general principles and being as smart you are. It is a killer app and exports to, believe it or not Adobe pdf! Way cool. ESAD Micro****!

  2. I'm nat a fan of OpenOffice...I've got Office2010...just need the time to install Word and Excel...sleep is a priority this afternoon...

    My Evil Plan worked to chain controls when I came over the Summit...the worst of it was just north of Benicia! 15 minute grind to get around a tipped over Plumber's Box Truck. 3:15 portal to portal w/ a stop for gas at the Vacaville COSTCO.

  3. You should be a fan of Open Office. Microshit is not only evil, they suck.

  4. By the way, can Microshit 2010 export to a pdf? (Well yes [sh]it can.) More importantly can Microshit 2010 export to a pdf with any reliability?

    No answer required. The question is rhetorical.

    Get with OO or stay screwed and ignorant.