Friday, March 4, 2011

Back On Top

Back in the saddle after my three day weekend at the Ancestral Digs, I enjoyed yet another Snow Night. Snow levels were way up compared to the previous two storm periods, so the powder was closer to mashed potatoes than to champagne powder...still, the grooming was good.

I did sorta pay the Piper for my clever "Evil Plan" to beat chain controls on my way up the hill Wednesday...I made a sizable withdrawal from the Sleep Bank...and I paid the price. There's just no way to enjoy fighting to keep your eyes open!

A Power Nap just before sunrise did the trick, and within the hour, I was digging out my Ray-Bans. It turned into a beautiful morning, and despite picking up the slack for another department when their groomer went down, the crew was out the door by 11AM

Rolling down the hill after work, I was filled with warm feelings...the scenery was incredible...fresh snow covering the Carson Range...brilliant blue lakes, and the last of the storms clouds scudding into Nevada overhead...

I forgot all about my sleep-deprived struggle, did the Safeway Shuffle in under 10 minutes, and was home and tucked up in bed in time to fall asleep during the Noon News.

Life is good...

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