Thursday, March 3, 2011

Catching the Whirlwind

Just like that, I'm back home in the DaveCave, the snow is falling again, and my Evil Plan worked to a fair thee well! Chain Controls fell about a half an hour before I said my goodbyes and departed the Ancestral Digs.

My trip was not without drama, however...after crossing the Benicia Bridge, I ran into a sea of brake lights JNO Lake Hermann Road on I-680...just about the spot I usually kick up the Cruise Control to 70MPH.

The superslab was dry, I can only guess that it was a blow-over...the weatherpeople were all crowing about the gusty winds an hour earlier on the Noon News.

As I crept along the RH Lane (Thanks KCBS AM 740 for the detailed traffic heads-up!), I watched the truck get tipped upright...there went my Kodak Moment...debris from the truck was piled up on both shoulders...bad luck for motorists, this happened right at an off ramp, making clearing things up a little dicey...

Once past the mess, the trip was clear sailing. The snow was falling on the Summit but it wasn't sticking at the DaveCave...I'd estimate the snowlevel to be nearly 7000 feet...probably no Hero Snow tonight...

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