Friday, February 11, 2011

Night and Day

That was the difference between Tuesday night and Wednesday night! Tuesday was my Monday, and my tractor was down for the count...My old cat has 8200 hours on her clock now...I figure 55-60% are My Hours...lets just say we're joined at the heart chakra...

Saturday, my tractor showed an Idiot Light and threw a Flash Code at the same time that her exhaust note went from sweet to awful. I radioed the Graveyard Wrench and spun my tale of woe...Tuesday, my tractor was on Injured Reserve...the Board said: Missing In Action, use only as a last resort...

I ran our two year old Bison with the X Package...conditions stank, and it really was my Monday! The conditions were interminably slow...Thank God I watched my tractor getting moved into the shop as I was fueling up at the end of my shift...The Reno Caterpillar Shop was coming out to replace a faulty fuel injector!

Tonight, my trusty steed was parked with the rest of the fleet, ready for battle. She ran like a Rolex...good as new. After four years, my cat and I are very simpatico...she fits me like a glove.

Everyone was on time, and nobody wanted to over-think the list. We rumbled off into the night, and started kicking it. Conditions were good...the ferocious Northeast winds had been keeping a lid on the temps, so the piste was drying fast.

Swing shift was half buried with a big To-Do List, so I had a bunch of ramps to do in addition to my usual workload. Not to worry, conditions were perfect, relatively speaking, so we could Rock It! Everyone rumbled through their list in a most workmanlike manner, so we were on top of our game when the sunrise lit up our mountain.

After it was all over, all my guys agreed...tonight was 100 times better than last night!

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