Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Any World That I'm Welcome To

Damn, Blogger just ate my almost completed bleat!

I'm up past bedtime, so, in a nutshell:

I left work Sunday morning feeling under the weather, and decided to forgo my grocery shopping, in favor of sleep.

I enjoyed the Super Bowl, sans chips n' dip, and went back to nose had taken to running like Jim Thorpe.

Monday AM I luxuriated in bed until 0800 (the alarm roused me at 0600)

I went shopping for a new Alternator for the Pickup, and nixed the rest of Monday's To-Do List in favor of yet more shuteye.

Tuesday I R&R-ed the alternator, and returned the core to the Auto Parts Store...I did a rudimentary shopping trip...I'm going to Reno Wednesday after work for reprovisioning.

Thankfully, the weather's taken a cold turn today!

I'll fill in all the colorful bits that Blogger has half digested tomorrow...Good Night, and Good Luck

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