Thursday, October 7, 2010

Winter's Cameo

I was a whirlwind of activity all across the Greater Inland Valley today...errands, grocery shopping...a Pre-Baja trip to the Candy Store, all before making a big batch of "Mom's Potato Salad" and baking a "Lumpy Peach Cobbler" in anticipation of the imminent arrival of the Siskiyou Wing of the Family.

Sweet bubbling goodness.
Sweet bubbling goodness...lumpy style!
The Ancestral Digs are now invigorated with the Siskiyou Wing's  arrival...bearing the bounty of their Mountainside Gardens. A huge, overflowing bucket of dahlia blooms...enough for bouquets in every room of the Digs, with plenty left to bestow on another Dig or two! A huge basket of vine-ripe tomatoes and chilies from the Siskiyou Gardens will make for amazing menus for the duration.

Dahlias dazzle the Digs

Basket of Plenty
Behind all my frenzy today, was the subtle "noise floor" of High Sierra/Sierra Foothills weather news.

I was within earshot of the radio all day...and I even managed to fit in some Local TV News (that I promptly ignored while mid-day multitasking) I did make time to view KCRA3's 11 O'clock News. There's still some interesting stuff lighting up the Radar Images. Monday and Tuesday's system parked over the Central Sierra and has been spinning rain into the Big Valley, and snow over the highest peaks all day...there were even Chain Controls up Wednesday morning on a couple of Trans-Sierra Highways. Lingering cells of precip were featured in the 11 O'clock radar pictures...all the way into the Big Valley.

The system is forecast to exit the area Thursday. No real consequences for the early base was laid down...I'll see for myself if the winter weather snap brought on the Fall Colors when I blow up the Hill for some DaveCave maintenance...some last minute fishing tackle gathering, and a Mail Call.

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