Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grab Bag of Interests

Go Giants! I enjoyed a great baseball game Wednesday evening. My Giants won 3-1 behind the excellent pitching of Tim Lincecum who took the mound with a chest cold, and promptly gave up a lead-off home run, then found his groove and won the game, giving up six hits and striking out 11 batters in 7 innings.

So, I'm wrung out are the 40 thousand or so fans who were in attendance at AT&T Park tonight. The Giants' "Magic Number" is 3 now. Any combination of Giants' wins and San Diego losses that adds up to three, gives the National League West Title to the Giants.

I was checking in with some other Giant Fan Friends on Facebook after the oh man, everyone was all amped-up! This is so fun! There's just something so endearing about 55+ year-old grandparents planning to don bright orange fright wigs to go out to the ball park to root for the Home Team!

Properly energized, I trolled my usual fishing, weather, technology, and climate science some digital camera reviews, and looked at some newspapers online...something for everybody!

The San Francisco Chronicle has been reporting on the 34th America's Cup Regatta daily. I've got my fingers crossed that the Organizers and Politicos can navigate the international waters together to bring the Big Regatta to the Bay!

Albacore Tuna are within range of the Bay Area's dedicated skiff fisherman, and albacore are being caught up and down the Coast. Now it's just over two months until Dungeness crab season opens!

Our Indian Summer is still cooking, though it will be tapering off in another day or two. This week's heat is going to pay off at the Farmer's Market, in spades...there's gonna be some great vine-ripe heirloom tomatoes this week! We've managed to avoid any serious wildfire outbreaks, so far. Even hurricane season seems like it's giving us a pass.

It's funny really...all this heat, finally! This "Summer" you couldn't record a Triple Digit Temperature to Save Your Soul!

Now, as I lay about...enduring the sweltering temps, I'm starting to think about grooming a little more each day...not as much as I'm thinking about the Giants, but more than before my trip up the Hill to hit the Reno Air Races.

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