Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OK, Now I'm Confused!

There's lots of weather and climate stuff going on this week.

First things first! The week began in the High Sierra with snow! The Reno paper was on it:

Mt Rose Monday from the Truckee Meadows (Reno)
The weather over the weekend was wild and wooly in the Greater Reno-Tahoe Area, with rain, snow, flood warnings...even thunderstorms and flash flood warnings.

This system passed through and became entrained in an extratropical system working it's way up the spine of the Sierra from Baja. The resultant system organized and became an infamous "Back Door Storm" and it peppered the High Sierra Monday into Tuesday...lots to see on the webcams, and the whole mess made for  very colorful images on the TV News Radar. (remember October is traditionally when California's TV Weatherfolks awaken from their Summer Stupor...think bears coming out of hibernation)

It was nice to watch engaged weatherpeople doing the TV weather once again!

The High Sierra weather made news into Tuesday afternoon.

Just in case there was anyone still curious about the wild weekend weather Tuesday, Reno's Daily the Reno Gazette Journal quizzed a local climate scientist about the La Niña connection. After citing the usual La Niña forecasting confusion, and the weird Summer he added: "The numbers tend to reflect that and I'm looking forward to a few more surprises."

Homemade hits near Mt Rose Summit Tuesday
Following the weather online is still like following the Game was this weekend. The Reno AFD was jumping! Then I found a curious weather/climate story thanks to Anthony Watts' "Watts Up With That?" Blog. Imagine a dust-up between Russian and Polish weather forecasters who are in disagreement vis a vis the coming Winter.

Distilling the conflict down to it's essence, it seems there's some disagreement as to the Gulf Stream's influence on European weather, plus more disagreement on the health or strength of the Gulf Stream thanks to Global Warming, and what effect it will have on the coming Winter, which the Russians claim could be "the coldest in 1000 years"!

The conflict is many-layered like an onion...even NASA checks into the fray...they have the Gulf Stream heating up from AGW...weren't we told that "The Science was Settled"? From where I sit, I'd say the data isn't even settled yet...never mind the science!

Anyway, the Post-Post-Soviet inter-mural squabble threatens Biblical Weather...wrapped in the unconscious comedy of the comedically-challenged.

I invite you to read the story at the link, for the rest of the story...or, if you need a good chuckle! The comments are a laugh a minute...there must be a lot of out of work Comedy Writers on the Climate Skeptic's Beat!

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