Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rain On My Parade

I made a whirlwind dash up and down the Hill in just over 24 hours. Mail call and some other administrative chores needed attending to. It was a nice drive with good listening on the radio. I even missed most of the rush hour slowdowns save for three or so miles near Roseville.

Mostly it was a beautiful day...until I got to Cisco Grove, where I ran into some heavy mist...enough to set the wipers to intermittent. No matter in the greater scheme of things, Truckee was dry but darkly overcast...I ducked into the DaveCave just in time to watch the first playoff game from AT&T Park which featured an awesome pitching performance by the Giants' two-time Cy Young winner, Tim Lincecum, who hurled a complete game shut out...while striking out 14 batters!

Friday dawned foggy at my end of Truckee, the cold overnight temps drawing the moisture from the wet soil into the air and growing some low-lying "Tule Fog" As I roared out of town, I noticed the trees have begun to respond to the cold snap. It's almost Leaf Peeping time in the Tahoe Sierra.

Heading outta town Friday afternoon, DonnerGate OC
I drove over Donner Summit on the Old Lincoln Highway, US40. Donner Lake was like a dark, deep green mirror reflecting the yellowing aspens and cottonwoods framed by the green conifers to fine effect. I took a few pictures of snow on the Carson Range...still hanging in from Tuesday...high cirrus and a lot of haze kept them from post card contention.

The Carson Range looks down onto Truckee and Donner Lake

I filled my tank and grocery shopped in Vacaville, and made it to the Ancestral Digs in time to unload and put away the groceries, and the traveling stuff before the Giants' game began.

The Giants took a 3-0 lead in the 1st, added another run in the 2nd, and lead the game until the 8th, when the Atlanta Braves tied it up. A splash hit into McCovey Cove won it for the Braves in the 11th inning...First torture, then losing...rain on my parade...

Right after the game I clicked over to SpeedTV to watch the Formula One Qualifying from Suzuka, Japan...oops, torrential rain,and  standing water on the racetrack...Qualifying is on hold for now...soggy standby, Japanese style...

Rain or shine, it's nice to be with the family at the Ancestral's forecast to be nice here in the Inland Valley tomorrow.

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