Friday, October 1, 2010

Vindication is Such Sweet Succor!

Here's some climate news that I've been waiting for since I became aware of politicized climate science more than two decades ago!

Now, I'm a "Seat of the Pants" Guy...I always have been. You know the type...comfy Levis, rough hands, regards common sense as essential...I'm a German Engineer's Kid too, so I know a thing or two about reality and mathematics.

As I get more massive in my dotage, I give a lot of weight to Mass (groan...sorry!)

I've just never bought into the CO2 theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming. The minuscule  portion of the atmosphere made up of CO2 molecules just wasn't weighty enough to do all the horrible things the AGW Alarmists were saying it was doing...even if Mankind raised the levels of Atmospheric CO2 tenfold!

It's the water stupid! (to hijack a meme from today's political dust-ups)

Earth's Oceans outweigh Earth's Atmosphere by many orders of magnitude. Oceans are many times more dense, too. Throw in all of Earth's living feedback loops, and the only possible conclusion to the question, "Who's in the Climate Driver's Seat?" is our Oceans powered by the Sun.

Some Science Guys at the Science and Public Policy Institute,  published a paper wherein they plotted the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation + the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, and compared the resulting plot to North America's temperature record, and voilà, Climate Clarity Illustrated!

There it is! Mystery solved, the Sun runs our climate.

Like photovoltaic solar power, the Sun excites the collectors, and the energy is stored in batteries for on-demand usage. Earth's Oceans are huge "Wet Cell" Battery Analogs,  that store that thermal solar energy, making it available to moderate temperature extremes in the short term, and drive continental temps over the long, multidecadal scale, that will be found eventually, to be driven by long-period Solar Cycles! CO2 is but a bit player on the Global stage! Just not enough Mass to store enough energy to deflect a needle of even the most sensitive instrument.

So, everybody, take a break! The sky is not falling, the Planet is not suffering from a fever, mean old Mankind isn't killing the planet or the Polar Bears. Take some time to enjoy our little Blue Jewel of the Solar System...everything is going according to plan (and the Laws of Physics)

Now relax...smell the roses...kick off those shoes...something to drink?

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