Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rested Up

Mea Culpa!
I kinda did a throwaway this apologies...I'm much better now!

Niche Sports Sunday
Pretty good race under the Singapore streetlights. We're on the Home Stretch in Formula One, too. High tension...just like September Baseball...

I found the America's Cup News I missed during my Reno Air Race Sojourn. The Organizers had published the specs for the new boats, and introduced the 34th America's Cup Regatta Director. I can't express how excited I am for this to happen on San Francisco Bay!

Time to manage my Belgian Fantasy Bicycle Racing Team...the UCI World Championships come up in October. This is where the Rainbow Jerseys come from...

September Baseball Update
My SF Giants prevailed in Denver this afternoon, the win putting them back in 1st Place in the NL West with six games to play in the regular season. There was a little torture in the 8th inning, when Giants pitcher Matt Cain lost his bid for a No-Hitter just five outs from the feat. A second hit halved the giants' lead, but the Boys in Orange and Black prevailed. September Baseball Torture is so sweet...when it's your team that wins!

Rally Time
I actually got off the dime and ran downtown to the Farmer's Market between the HDTV Replay of the Singapore Grand Prix and the Giants' Game. It was really heating up...but that means more vine ripe heirloom tomatoes! I grabbed a week's worth of Red Zebras, and snapped some photos.

I set about watering in the Diggins for the second time this week...Indian Summer is going to be the longest "Heat Wave" we've had this Summer...I'm happy to report that the buried soaker-hose scheme is working perfectly!

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