Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inside Baseball

A curiously American phrase that one. Perhaps I've chosen a slightly off the mark title for today.

Inside Baseball implies dreaded minutia as it relates to something most can't or don't want to deal with or otherwise relate to.

OK, I can hear the stampede for the doors...I have it coming, I have been going on about September Baseball most of the month...

So here it is. There's just a flood of climate news coming out daily. Most of it huge in significance, too.

It's fair to declare AGW Dead...RIP
Anthropogenic Global Warming isn't happening...period. The Climate Gate Scandal opened the door on reality a little...what with all those leaked emails showing the conspiracy to "hide the decline". That is, to hide the observed global temperature decline while the scientists and the policy makers who fund their research were all shouting "the planet has a fever"

All week long, Anthony Watts' Climate Blog Watts Up With That, has been reporting on climate stories one after another, that all break new ground and show unequivocally than mankind and it's industry are but a flyspeck in the Big Climate Panoply.

Studies cited on WUWT have reported newly discovered Oceanic Cycles that correlate precisely with Europe's weather, and the advance and retreat of the glaciers in the Alps. Cyclic warming and cooling of Atlantic Ocean Sea Surface Temperatures are running on a 65 year periodic cycle, independent of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation! (AMO)

"In the monthly Atlantic SST record, we can observe that the recent warm phase peaked in 2005 and subsequent cooling of North Atlantic started, despite the recent AMO peak as a response to 2009/2010 El Nino. This climate shift is even better visualized in the 0-700m ocean heat content record for the Northern Atlantic. Based on previous records, we can expect the European climate to follow the SST record and to mimic the 1940-1975 cooling trend."

Simple physics says that ocean temps drive terrestrial air temps, not the other way around!  The mass of the oceans is several orders of magnitude larger than the mass of the's a simple matter to do the endothermics and exothermics are a little rusty, but I remember the core principals 40 years on.

What's going on here? Why is so much climate science showing up that goes against the AGW grain?

It's the law of averages, the pendulum swinging to the other side after 30+ years of alarmist gravy-training.

There's also the little matter of increased computing power, and the scientists who "thought outside the box" rather than succumb to the fashionable alarmist orthodoxy of the day.

As I'm always inclined to, I'd venture that the same mechanisms at work in the Atlantic are also at work in the Pacific. ENSO and the PDO, these cyclic temperature fluctuations will likewise be correlated with our Temperature and Glacial Records once some grant money is ponied up to crunch these datasets.

This past week, peer reviewed papers laid waste to Arctic Ice Loss Alarmism, related new understanding of our Sun and it's effects on Earth's Climate Systems, and reported Solar observations so startling as to defy belief.

That's a lot of good news in my book. The debate will go on for several more years, but we will look back on September 2010 as the beginning of our return to climate sanity, when the Western Liberal Democracies began to let go of our Climate Fetishes, and started to get back on a path towards sanity and growth.

Even some of the Media are starting to report the Climate Skeptics' it what it is: Progress.

I guess it wasn't all that Inside Baseball after all...

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