Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Wondering

It's awful nice this morning here in the Inland Valley. Pulling open the curtains revealed that the streets are dry, sky is blue, the winds...perfectly still. Where's the much hyped winter showers? Out to pick up the Morning Fishwrap, it proved to be an idyllic morning...still and quiet save for the songbirds.

Tired from my trip up and down the hill, I went to bed early...early enough that I was up a half an hour before my alarm. Today is one of my favorite days in my favorite's Pole Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Versus TV is covering 7 1/2 hours LIVE in HD. Lots of time for the talking heads to get into the minutia of the Brickyard, the cars, the drivers, even the all important weather.

May is My's normally reliable as the first month of "Real Spring" in Truckee. In Italy, there's the Giro de Italia three week bicycle race. Indiana has the Indy 500 on Memorial Day Weekend to culminate the Month of May, and May is the Month of Mt Everest. May is the window between Winter and Monsoon Season when climbers ascend the World's Highest Peak.

Now I can look forward to May as Garden Month at the Ancestral's so good to be growing a garden again!

After a day of watching Indy Pole Day, and the Time Trial of the Tour of California in Downtown LA, I was wondering, just where are those forecast showers anyway?

I read Reno and SFO/Monterey's AFDs, and the showers are coming to both areas.

A quick tour from CorduroyPlanet's Webcam Toolbox showed no precip falling at My Mountain or the DaveCave. I saw wet pavement on I-80 at Kingvale. I looked at the Interactive Radar Page on KCRA's website, and the rain and snow are just missing the Ancestral Digs and DaveCave.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the World, a 13 year old American kid has summited Mt Everest! It turns out the boy's from Big Bear in SoCal, site of yesterday's Tour of California's first Mountaintop Finish!

The California teenager, Jordan Romero, used a Satellite Phone to call his Mom from the top of Mt Everest. Young Romero becomes the youngest person to summit the World's tallest peak, besting a 15 year old Sherpa girl named Ming Kipa (who still reigns as the youngest woman)

Another record was set at the" Top of the World" yesterday. Another local, Apa Sherpa stood atop Mt Everest for his 20th time! As of today (Sat May 22, 2010) 265 humans have summited Everest so far this month. reports another 80-90 are within striking distance for Sunday.

Sounds like a Friday at COSTCO to me...sheesh, 80-90 climbers near the top? That's "Incorrect Behavior" as BajaBabe would say! I wonder how many climbers will make the top this year? Two have already paid the Ultimate Price so far this month. I fear a "Human Dominoes" scenario with crowding and fatigue above the Hillary Step!

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