Friday, May 28, 2010

Sounds Good

More rain today...more snow in the High Sierra.

I began trundling around the Ancestral Digs at 6AM this morning to the soothing sound of steady rain. It's hit and miss showers today with the Sun peaking through once in a while. We went out this morning for a half hour...we got back just as the rain started back up.

Before noon, I heard my AM Radio make the tell tale ears perked up, and then I heard thunder rolling from far away. A few minutes later, the Heavens opened here, and the rain poured down. Mother Nature's Last Hurrah (We can hope) The Local WeatherDudes are saying this is it for the foreseeable future...that there's a warming trend coming for the Holiday Weekend. I wish 'em well, and hope they're right!

The Ancestral Diggins are getting a good soaking, but it's keeping me out of the garden today...

About 3PM, I made a trip down to the hardware store, drug store, and grocery store. Under partly cloudy skies, I was amazed at just how humid it wonder my Dad's roses have a fungus infection! When I got back, I took the camera out to the roses and took a couple dozen photos of the roses with drops of rain on the blooms. I had an ulterior motive...I wondered if any new Rose Black Spot lesions had developed since I removed all the infected leaves yesterday. Spending a half hour one foot from the rose bushes would reveal all. Nothing new there, so far, so good!

The Diggins were too wet to continue with the Privet Eradication Project, so I kicked back and listened to some Talk Radio while perusing the web for the latest weather intel. Before I knew it, the 5 O'clock News was on! KCRA lead with the weather in the Sierra, (as they did at noon) Their reporter said the CHP got 24 calls in the first 10 minutes after the snow started falling for spinouts and motorist assistance! They went on to show some snowbound campgrounds, and all the Yosemite waterfalls in all their spring runoff glory.

There is a Silver Lining to all these rain clouds...lots of our reservoirs are brimming full, or darn close. Lake Shasta is 99% full, Oroville is up to 69%, and San Luis Reservoir is at 73%! Last I heard, the snowpack was around 135% of normal. I looked at My Mountain's webcams, and add aother foot above 7000ft! It's still snowing at 7:48PM Thursday!

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