Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summertime Kicks Off...Finally!

We've had a pretty nice day, here in the Inland Valley. Warmer, mostly sunny, and drying. My day was consumed by errands and some garden shopping. I overheard other customers asking about fungicides for their rose woes at Home Depot and the Fancy Nursery a couple of towns over. Misery loves company...

Dad's Red Rosebush really liked this week's deluge. Even though I took half it's leaves off to treat it's Rose Black Spot Fungus, it seems all "perked up" today.

While I was in the rose garden, I gave the Yellow Rosebushes another bath with my homemade Garlic Water Fungicide. I'm depending on Mother Nature to act like it's Springtime now, and dry out the roses, warm the soil, and wake up the King Salmon out in the Pacific.

Reports from the Coast say the Krill have returned to our waters in abundant numbers, and the Salmon are gorging on them. I imagine the migrating Grey Whales and Blue Whales are finding it to their liking as well. I read in the San Francisco Chronicle that anchovies are present in San Francisco Bay too. The Local Saltwater Fishing should break wide open in the next few weeks...just about the time I'm finished with the springtime planting of the Diggins!

My emergence into Real Spring continued... I went to my favorite grocery store for some pork chops and rhubarb after a frustrating hour enduring Home Depot. I quickly navigated the produce bins, but the people were three deep in front of the Pork Sector of the Meat Counter. (The Meat Counter is at least 50ft long in this Market, and there's at least six Butchers behind the cases!) I slipped past the crowds, and scanned the Seafood Side... What's this? Fresh, Wild King Salmon Fillets? Duh! Score!

Dinner was the Salmon on the BBQ, rice and steamed Asparagus, with a glass of Trader Joe's finest $4.99 Chardonnay.

My baseball team even woke up this week! Maybe they're catching the Spring Thing too. What a gorgeous evening at San Francisco's AT&T Park. On sunny Summer evenings, when the Sun gets low in the Western sky, it reflects off the windows of all the homes on the East Bay Hills, and this sight is impossible for the Broadcast Director to resist including in the Game's telecast. It looks sunning in HD...I never get tired of it!

Anyway, the SF Giants won against the Arizona Diamondbacks tonight, sparked by a one hit shutout hurled by Giant's pitcher Matt Cain. Giants infielder Pablo Sandoval, "The Panda" came out of his Month of May Slump in the Batter's Box and drove in three runs. The last RBI came on his Solo Homerun on the first pitch of the 8th Inning.

Even though it was a Night Game, it seemed like a Sunny Summer Day Game.

After the Ball Game, I discovered that COMCAST carries the Universal Sports Network. This is an NBC Sports outlet that aired plenty of Olympics from the Beijing Games, and they were showing today's Stage of the Giro de Italia! It was a diabolical Mountain Stage to boot! Lots of suffering on the crazy steep climbs, insanely fast descents on rain-slicked mountain roads, and the Maglia Rosa (the Pink Jersey worn by the Leader) even changed hands on the ridiculously steep Mortirolo climb! (I must remember to do some trades for my Fantasy Bike Racing Team!)

In short, everything in My World is coming up daisies! Even the Local WeatherDudes are dropping Rain and Cold from their vocabularies! Spring is bustin' out all over My World!

Hang in there Jeweler, and all my friends in the High Sierra...your Spring is coming this weekend! Hallelujah!

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