Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Mission Accomplished

Done deal. My whirlwind dash up to the DaveCave and back was all over in 28 hours.

I picked up my mail, spent the night in my own bed, and took care of my Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot duty. The charming woman with the English accent was equally charming in person, not to mention efficient! I was in and out of there in under 15 minutes.

Back in the good graces of my County Registrar of Voters, I was free to play on my way down the hill! I stopped at Peaceful Valley Farm Supply in Grass Valley to pick up a few things for the gardens at the Ancestral Digs. They've moved to a larger warehouse, with ample Retail Space, and a large Nursery Area. The staff were their usual cheery and helpful selves, and I got a free pack of Honeydew Melon Seeds.

I had planned to stop in Auburn at the health food store, and the Eisley Nursery, but the weather was threatening and I was in shorts, so I opted to just blast down the Super Slab and get back before the Heavens opened.

Lots of folks on the roads today...probably trying to get everything done before the rain too.

Just before I left the DaveCave, SturgeUrge phoned. He took the day off and wondered what I was up to. I told him where, what, and when, and he remarked on the blustery winds down in the Inland Valley. Eight hours later, they're still blowing.

I watched the 6 O'clock news from Oakland and Sacramento. KCRA's Senior Meteorologist reported that this will be the first May in 40 years without a 90 degree day! Yesterday, the CBS13 WeatherDude said no 80's this month...Mother Nature isn't taking any prisioners this Spring!

Both Weathermen said it was snowing in Truckee! I looked at the webcams about a half an hour before the news...just rain...I looked again and it was snow!

Reluctantly, I looked at Reno's AFD...not good! Showers or chance of showers for the next week...after tonight's snow that is! The Reno News-Talk Radio said snow in Reno tonight. You can tell the lingering winter weather is starting to exact a toll...

Hang in there Truckee Locals! Reno-ites, you too!

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