Friday, May 21, 2010

Dispatch from the DaveCave

I rolled up the hill today. I've been at the Ancestral Digs for two weeks, and I needed to pick up my Absentee Ballot (and the rest of the mail before the Post Office starts jack hammering the new mail into my PO Box!)

I'm registered as DS, "Decline To State", and while I was totally focused on my BodyClock Reset War, I missed the deadline to pick a Party Affiliation for June's Primary Election by mail...I called my County Registrar Of Voters, and spoke with a lovely woman with a charming English accent, who gave me the answer I was looking for, so tomorrow on my way down the hill, I'll stop by her office, register with the party of my choice (for this election) and be on my way with a new Ballot!

After I finish being a good citizen tomorrow, I get to stop at Peaceful Valley Farm Supply in Grass Valley to pick up a few things for the gardens at the Ancestral Digs. Then I hit my favorite nursery in Auburn, my favorite foothill health food emporium, and my favorite tackle shop.

Just so you know, Jeweler is doing fine. He messaged me on Facebook:
"Thanks for the shout TD it came at a good time. Been having those El Niño Blues. Not working isn't helping. But I think that'll be changing soon. So the fishing hasn't been great but it's been nice if ya known what I mean. Going out towards Prosser inlet in a bit. Fished the Little Truckee and the inlet to Stampede to no avail. Had a great day though."

I'm sure Jeweler had a wonderful afternoon fishing or not. It's a nice Spring day in the High Sierra, lot's of dirt showing on South slopes compared to when I left town. Now the Sacramento WeatherDude just said: four days of showers out of the next seven days...Summer will come eventually, and the longer it takes getting here, the more we'll appreciate it!

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