Saturday, May 15, 2010

Soldiering On

Today was a good day. I triumphed over yet another two tech troubles.

Since COMCAST switched over to Digital, my DVRs have been handicapped. This morning I attempted to order two Digital/Analog Converters to bring my DVRs back to Front Line readiness. The COMCAST website wasn't helping...fill out a page of't help you there, Pal, call 1(800) I did and talked to a human with an American accent named Eddy, who got me all set up.

Next project. My HDMI Switcher croaked the day I set it back up at the Ancestral Digs...Just 15 days from the 1 Year Warranty's expiration!

In stark contrast to the Cable Outfit, has a firm grip on their Online Customer Service. I clicked on My Account...Support...Bingo, the Live Support Chat Window opens, and I start typing. In about 4-5 minutes, I chatted with two pleasant, accomplished typists who know Electronics Support, I made it to Level 2 Support, and was assigned an RMA Number.

Before I could click over to my em@il, there were several em@ils from Monoprice in my Inbox. The Invoice, Mailing Labels for my return package, and UPS Tracking Numbers for my new Switcher coming to me, and my dead one headed back to them!

Monoprice .com is the place to get your Audio/Video/Computer Cables, Accessories, Wall Mounts, etc. I even got a new rechargeable battery for my digicam! Save a ton (Like 70% on HDMI Cables!) Oh, and Great Customer Service!

I packed up the switch, taped on the RMA labels, and hit the road for the UPS Store. More good Customer Service as always at the local UPS Franchise Store. I like the proprietor, he's Ukrainian I think, but he's livin' the American Dream...and well on his way to full assimilation!

Ever onward, I stopped next at Casper's Hotdogs for a Casper Dog (w/ everything-hold the relish) before parking in the closest parking stall to the COMCAST Store's front door. I walked in and found a dozen or so folks in line...and one Customer Service person. I was parked in a 30min stall, so it didn't look promising. Within three minutes, three more CS Agents appeared, and the line sailed along. There was 8mins left when I pulled out of the parking garage, headed for my last errand.

I was in and out of the Sportsmart in about six minutes flat...with my new DFG Sturgeon Report Card!

Back at the Ancestral Digs, I puttered around until the Giants game came on. Great game, SF wins! I love it when the Giants play "Small Ball"! Stolen bases, perfect bunts, great pitching, hits beat out for extra bases, the Giants' bats woke up for the first time in a to watch. The Astros' three wild pitches helped give the Home Team the 8-2 victory!

I'm a sick puppy, OK?...after the game, I looked at the AFDs to check on the next "Winter Storm" due Monday. It looks like it's going to get here, and the Sacramento guys even say there's one for Thursday too! Take the grain of salt with Sac's Thursday bit...

The approaching storm clouds do have a Silver Lining...the wind is forecast to abate just in time for the rain! What's it been? Three weeks of rainy Mondays! Monday is the traditional fishing day for SturgeUrge and TruckeeDave, so it figures... The Spring Tides hold sway for the next few weeks, so it's sturgeon time...halibut can wait.

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