Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Making Progress

As I write this Monday evening, I'm amazed by ongoing news from the High Sierra...Interstate 80 has been closed on and off all afternoon!

Just before noon today, I went into the kitchen at the Ancestral Digs for another cuppa French Roast, and heard the rain dinking on the exhaust hood's sheetmetal vent.I pulled the drapes open and peered out at the back yard. Raindrops the size of dimes were making epic splashes in all the new puddles.

I'd had my head buried in my little tech world since 0600, and never opened the drapes. I was absorbed totally in setting up my Erzatz Home Theater, and my HDMI Switcher was giving me fits. So, I ended up getting the LCD wall mounted in time to watch the noon weather reports from Oakland's KTVU and Sacramento's KCRA...holy moley, the weatherdude on Channel 2 said it looked like a February storm! KCRA's guy said snow levels were down around 3000ft!

Amazingly, there were no Live Remotes from Blue Canyon...until the evening news that is! That's alotta snow for May 10th!

I tired of fiddling with the HDMI switch and focused instead on the replacement digicam. Everything I've tried so far is in order and working perfectly...the previous owner had settings different than mine, so a couple of clicks and everything was right up my alley. I was surprised when I opened the box to find a battery and the seller's description he cautioned that these were not!

Damn the rain, the garden is looking great, but slogging around in the rain and mud with the new camera didn't sit well with my sensibilities...there's always tomorrow!

Progress Report
Wow! I saved a draft of the blog and noticed that this is my 200th post! Ten or so months and I'm passing the second century mark! Whatta Windbag!

I made a photo with the New2Me camera of the original camera's broken LCD's kinda like a Yin/Yang deal...the circle completed...everything old is new again, pick your favorite cliche...

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