Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still Life With Image

Tuesday Doin's
Yesterday, I made a photo with the New2Me camera of my original camera's broken LCD screen..."it was kinda like a Yin/Yang thing" I wrote...the circle IS completed...everything old is new again...yada, yada,yada...

Well today, I actually did close the circle. I made some photos of the New2Me digicam with the old broken screen model, though the circle was a little out of round...lots of snapping, downloading, viewing, deleting, and repeating!

Tonight, it's seasonably warm here in the Inland Valley. A perfect evening for watching some Giants baseball in HD! San Francisco's AT&T Park is a beautiful park, but on HDTV it's all Eye Candy, All the Time!

Earlier, I accompanied my Mom to the monthly Church Luncheon. We had a lovely time, and talked with Firecracker Jackie's daughter for a long time about this blog, staking out your claim on the internet, travel, sewing and cooking. Dessert was an awesome home baked, beautifully decorated double-decker cake paired with "White Chocolate/Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream" One of the "Regulars" in the group made the cake for everyone. Good Show! Back at home, we just noshed on leftovers out of the fridge in lieu of dinner...

After lunch I hit the Post Office, and tried to make a quick shopping foray into the grocery store, but the usual Monday Rush had stayed home during yesterday's deluge, and were out in force today. As an inveterate shopper of some years standing, I've learned that not finding a parking spot even remotely close to the front door is a good indicator that the store is gonna be just too damn crowded! Score one for the Home Team!

Speaking of the Home Team...the Giants just lost to the Padres...they took all nine innings to do it, they were threatening right up 'till the last strike. 3-2 Pods You win some, you lose some...

Wednesday Afternoon
I'm just back from an afternoon of errands...I should have been hauling the new camera around! Here in the Inland Valley, the hills are still bright green with new shoots of grass, and the wild mustard is in bloom. I've never seen such tall mustard...most of the fields were over four feet tall, with several rafts of mustard over six feet tall!

Everybody's landscapeslocally are in fine shape, too. Spiky gray plants showing their luscious lavender blooms, bordered with California Golden Poppies is a very popular planting around these parts!

I was pleasantly surprised to find many heirloom tomato varieties at our local Medium Box Home Improvement Store..."Mortgage Lifter", "Yellow Brandywine", "Abe Lincoln", and more. Gonna have to look elsewhere for some "Ancho Chili" plants and "Habenero Chili" plants...gotta find "Hillbilly Tomato" plants too.

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