Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where To Begin

Reality? Where to end is more on my mind today...(I'm still up Tuesday afternoon, drat it all!)

Ski season ends Sunday. Thinking back over this first year of CorduroyPlanet, I'm sorry to admit that I didn't pen enough nuts and bolts grooming stuff...instead I dithered about...spewing about fishing, days off, and gadgets. I'll need to work on my discipline going forward!

Oh, I did do a half-dozen Grooming 101 blogs, but I fear I didn't do nearly enough material to demystify Slope Grooming for the uninitiated. This is a sad state of affairs, as Grooming is a fairly esoteric discipline to the civilian ranks. Mountain Folks, Pass Holders and Resort Workers grok the world of corduroy making by the very act of osmosis...being around it day in and day out, makes the bailiwick pedestrian, familiar, and ordinary. There's so much to it, that I know I won't tire of telling my story anytime in the foreseeable future. Herein lies the rub...I've been doing this for 30 much of it is second nature now...part of me...what I am...what I do.

It's easy to miss the forest for the trees when you're a forest dweller. In a few months, about the time the light changes towards the autumnal, I'll get the itch again, and I'll bust out of the gates, firing an all cylinders...covering the nuts and bolts with renewed vigor.

This space will still publish five days a week, though the focus will soften even more...more cuisine, fishing, gardening, history, gizmos and politics will fill the days until the snow flies once again...I'll try to keep it anchored to My Mountain and Grooming...but I am a "Go with the Flow" Guy!

I'm turning off the laptop now, one more try at some shuteye before I head up the hill to work tonight. Just let me thank you all for paying me any mind at all...I'm humbled knowing you're out there clicking on my shit. Thank you all.

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