Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Win

OK, here's the Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning After Action Report.

I did it! I puttered about the DaveCave all day, stayed awake all afternoon, and fell asleep sometime during the 11 O'clock News! I did not wake up at 0300...instead I was roused by the alarm clock at 0600!

The snow stopped falling and the skies parted, revealing bright blue hues that illuminated the new snow and began the thawing/melting cycle. All this before noon.

All morning I toiled away...picking up, doing dishes, recycling, snapping a few more pictures of the CorduroyPlanet Beachball. For lunch I made Sausage, Olive and Mushroom Pizza (with homemade crust, natch). I heard the Truckee snowplows go by twice, so there's another berm to blow.

The weather continues to throw monkey wrenches into my well oiled plans. SturgeUrge and I were going to Plan B Friday...the tides were ripe for sturgeon fishing...the weather? More suited to World Championship Kite Flying!

I've been trying to gather some fishing intel since Sunday. It's been a frustrating, fruitless task because nobody is going out fishing because the winds have been off the hook, Small Craft Warnings for everywhere we'd like to fish...and the forecast says they'll stay off the hook through Saturday.

Making the most of it all, I'll get the chores done around the DaveCave before I head down to the Ancestral Digs. I'll spend the week catching up with chores down there, before heading back uphill for Jerry's Fish Camp-Take Two. SturgeUrge and I plan on sturgeon fishing Monday.

This year, I'm planting some tomatoes, squash, and melons at the Ancestral Digs. Basil and arugula lead the parade of herbs. Also on the docket...building a new center console and bait tank/reversible pilot's seat for my Boston Whaler. More camping at the coast means more time in the boat...and more dungeness crab on the table! Halibut fishing should bust open in San Francisco Bay in May. We're hoping we'll see the winds abate in May and June so we can get out on the Pacific for some Wild Chinook Salmon, too.

There's plenty of carpentry to do as well. SturgeUrge is overdue for a new front deck, some kitchen cabinetry tweaking, and some siding on the back of the house...and a new parking space is called for, too.

At the Ancestral Digs, there's some electrical to upgrade, some phone and data lines to upgrade, plumbing, irrigation, and some fence repairs...drywall...painting...

Gee, I'm already tired just writing it down! I need a nap!

D'oh! I'm not going there...none of this "one step forward, two steps back" stuff this year. I'm going to win the BodyClock War! This year, I've gone with "Shock and Awe", and I'm rallying from my early setbacks...I won my first skirmish last night, I'm gonna ride the momentum into Victory Circle!

Props and thanks to my Landlord, who blew the berm when he got home from skiing while I finished writing today's post! Thanks Mr Conductor!

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