Friday, April 30, 2010

Circadian Rhythm Method

The Circadian Rhythm is the clockwork of mammalian life. This 24 hour cycle of endocrine secretions runs the body for maximum efficiency...hormone levels rising and falling in harmony to guide the body to meet the day's demands as well as keep the body ready to reproduce for the survival of the species.

There's plenty of complex stuff going on inside us all to keep us running like a well tuned machine. This is why I have such a hard time resetting my BodyClock every spring, even though eons of evolution want my body to be in step with the Sun. Doing a little light research (read Wikipedia), I haven't been able to find any helpful hints for the task at factoid did jump off the page however!

In 2007, the World Health Organization announced that working the graveyard shift would be listed as a 'probable' cause of cancer! Whoa Nelly!

Scary stuff! Still I'm making progress now. Last week I was going to bed before noon and waking up at 7 or 8PM, and taking a power nap at 3 or 4AM. The past few nights, I've been waking up later. 3:30 AM and 1:30AM (thanks to the new winter storm blowing in!) Even though my body's telling me it's Nap Time at 10:45AM, I'm calling this a move in the desired direction.

I'll win this war, I always do. This year I want to wrap it up in a week...not the month I usually take to get right.

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