Saturday, April 24, 2010

99 Down and 2 To Go

I did some bonehead estimating and came up with 99 shifts so far this season...I'm sure it's accurate...give or take 10%! I am fully infected with Short Timer's Disease now.

I'm bidding Hero Snow adieu until next season. I woke up this afternoon and looked at the Remote Sensors...not good, unless you're thinking Golf, Gardening, Tennis, or Suntans.

Today's afternoon High was a full 20F higher than yesterday. Last night, Jeweler and I searched the Mountain from top to bottom looking for a patch of the Hero Stuff...none found, but you could deem it Hero-Like compared to the boilerplate we'll be dealing with tonight!

It's damn hard to keep your mind in the game when you get to this point in the season...two nights left, and post-season plans start taking over your thoughts!

I clicked on to Reno's AFD. Not to confirm the doom I face on my Mountain tonight, but to see if next week's "FishCamp" will get snowed on...damn, it looks likely at this point. SturgUrge and I were invited to Jerry Otto's Annual Fish Camp this year. These legendary Camp-Outs are Jerry's annual outdoor season kick-off. We fished Baja with Jerry a couple of times in the Spring over the years, and that's when we became aware of his Fish Camps.

This year Jerry is making camp in time for the Sierra Stream Trout Opener. We'll be pulling into Camp mid-week for (Hopefully) fun in the Sun and some stream trout fishing. It'll be good to catch up, I haven't had a face to face with Jerry in a couple of years.

The streams are likely to be running high next week...there be more time to chew the fat than anybody called for, but getting out with the Boys is always too much fun.

Tonight I'm downloading plenty of Podcasts to keep my mind's gonna be a Grinder tonight. We'll be earning spades.


  1. You could always go to lake Safeway and hook a few. Sneak them out of the cooler, fry them up and say, "You shoulda been there early this morning, they were really jumpin'."

  2. Some, myself included think Shopping is a Sport, however there are limits.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm no pussified Purist...but I don't baitfish when wild trout are possible.

    I'm a dry fly and spoons guy.

  3. I was once skunked on the Feather. I had gone from mosquitoes on top to drowned ants in the middle, to a golden stone bumping on the bottom. No takers.

    But I just knew there was a trout in that dang hole. So I stuck a piece of worm on a stone and WHAM, caught me a big ol' genetically altered DFG trout.

    Don't tell any of my fly fishing buddies that.

  4. Al Franken trout, the DFG's hatchery mule --