Saturday, February 6, 2010

Round Two? Redux

Well, Round Two is a fizzle. We got plenty of the promised winds, along with 6-8 inches of snow. The AFD's report a southern track for the next wave, so Mammoth will get the lion's share of this storm.

This is Good News/Bad News on my Mountain. We stand a better chance of good crowds with the rough stuff missing the Tahoe remains to be seen whether there's a Super Bowl Factor. Our clientele are Raiders/Niners fans mostly...if the sad state of both teams hasn't alienated them already. I don't sense much Super Bowl Buzz this year.

Back in the 49er's Glory Years, they turned the Mountain into a Ghost Town every time they were in a Playoff Game...

In a related story...I'm looking forward to actually spending a whole shift in the new Recaro Seat in my favorite BR350!

Last night, my tractor's Heater Blower Motor failed after three hours. Complicating matters was the scheduled Power Outtage...that's right, PG&E selected last night to replace a major line across Donner Summit, so we were on StandBy generators until 4AM I put some more clothes on, then my watch cap, and soldiered on until the power was back up. I finished my morning in our newest Bison. We knocked out the Work Orders, and went on to re-roll most of the home runs, too.

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