Sunday, January 31, 2010

Good Morning!

I got a whole day's sleep again yesterday. I had a nagging stomach bug Friday night and I needed the restorative effects of a real sleep-it-off siesta. There's a nasty bug going around the Mountain, so everyone's taking extra good care of themselves lately. When I awoke last night, my mind was blog in there, to be sure.

About Last Night
Hero snow set the stage...swing shift knocked out the major portion of the Work Orders, and everything was running like thoroughbreds. My graveyard compadre overslept, but was on his way in when I called.

With the Perigee Moon hanging huge in the sky, our world was illuminated to the max. Beautiful squeaky snow, sparkling in the moonlight, was our playground...and play we did! With most of the work done, we had the chance to do the little extras that so often get put on hold in our quest for max acreage. I widened my trails, and contoured some trails for maximum sensual flow.

As we were finishing up the lower Mountain, that big Moon was preparing to set in the West. It looked incredible hanging over the mountains to the west in a mist that painted an impressionist tableau of pink and blue over Lodgepole Pines and slopeside cabins. I could have stopped and deployed my camera, but it was my Friday after all...I'll always have the memory...

As I rolled out of the parking lot, eager guests were speeding into the resort, bent on bliss. God bless 'em, they're gonna enjoy a peak experience today! It's only fair...the Mountain's Graveyard Shift enjoyed their Peak's good to share...

I have plenty of chores to do on my days off...the Sacramento NWS Office has incited the Sac TV News to gush about another Five Foot Week forecast...cooler heads in the Reno NWS Office haven't ventured a guess about accumulation yet...telling, no?

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