Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Resting Up...Again

I enjoyed a great weekend! I parsed out my day of errands and shopping in Reno...and one day catching up on my chores in the DaveCave. I was full throttle at retirement speed...keeping my energy in reserve should something important come up...

Now that I'm home from my first day of my week, I realize that the stomach bug that I thought I beat Saturday night, was hanging in...plaguing my days off! Turns out that Retirement Speed was my only choice!

Even though I was not totally "On my game" last night, I surely enjoyed it.

The forecast was for showers decreasing after midnight. Whoops Missed! I looked at the radar pix about 3AM...It looked like another hour or two before the clearing would begin in earnest.

Reality? We got 4-5 inches between 0400 and 0800!

It's Good skiing today, come on up!

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