Sunday, January 24, 2010

Break Time

We finally get a little break from the string of storms that have been marching through the High Sierra! All told we got better than six feet this week. We ran extra shifts to get ahead of the digging, and we got most of our groomable trails groomed.

I finished a long shift wearing my RayBans, so a little sunshine did make a brief appearance. By the time I finished my paperwork, we were in Full-Squall Mode again. I drove out of the cloudburst and into the sunshine on the newly re-opened old highway, and savored a mellow ride home.

There's something special about the ride down the old highway...especially on Sunday mornings. I make the last trip home for my week on Sunday morning. I begin my days off decompression on my way down the hill. I'm usually wearing my cockeyed grin, as I crest the old summit and shift the tranny into 2nd gear...riding downhill against the compression in the engine...I admire the view on clear days, and watch for foolish drivers on snowy days. I'm usually not thinking about anything...just takin' in the sights, or listening to the mind's already on vacation.

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