Thursday, January 28, 2010

Up and Across

After today's drive across the Big Valley and up the mountain, I was truly humbled by the beauty of it all. Unnoticed on my way down, the south facing slopes of the newly green rolling hills were covered in wild mustard in full bloom! It's only mid-January, and I associate mustard flowers with Spring!

I was tempted to pull over and deploy my camera at every turn, but I got a late start, and every minute spent dallying meant a minute of sleep lost. The fresh snow on the mountains and trees, fully illuminated against the back-drop of the cloud-filled sky made the Crystal Basin live up to it's name, and spawned a big sly smile on my face!

I was blessed with dry roads all the way up to Donner Summit, and even my driveway was snow-free! I can't wait to get out on the Mountain tonight! There's a waxing Moon that'll be full Friday, so there should be some awesome sights out there!

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