Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Resting Up

Well, after my two week grinder and my drive down the hill and across the Big Valley, I took a twelve hour nap yesterday! Oh, I threaded the needle weather-wise...I missed the heavy snow in the morning, skirted the chain control checkpoint, and just slipped through before the deluge in the afternoon.

Everything has turned green with new shoots of grass turning the East Bay hills bright Kelly Green! Today I was out doing errands...with everyone else in the County, it turns out! I gave up on COSTCO when I couldn't find a place to park after orbiting the lot for 10 minutes! Next I gave up on Trader Joe's too! I did get into TJ' a different town! I guess the folks here in Rain Country hunker down like mountain folk do when it storms day in day out!

You know, now that I give it some thought, I moved to the mountains precisely because you can't shovel rain!

So, we get a little break from El Niño's strengthening wrath, a little respite to measure the reservoir levels, calculate the snowpack, and catch up on the shopping!

I'm clearing all my tools out of the garage at the Ancestral Digs before I head home. I need to do a little remodeling to the DaveCave...thanks to those Kamikaze Squirrels, I procured a new laundry stack on my last trip to my Mom's. Found on craigslist, it's a heavy duty model, and it's a full three inches wider, deeper, and six inches taller! It pretty much took up the whole pickup bed (with the dolly I brought down with me) leaving precious little space for my tool collection. Wouldn't you know it, I needed my Hole Hawg and a big Hole Saw to facilitate shoehorning that new machine into the pantry! I brought home one drill kit...needed the other one...I'm convinced that "Outsmarting One's Self" is a learned skill...

Before my nap yesterday, I spent a few hours in the horizontal plane...surfing craigslist for some kitchen cabinets to replace the lost storage in the DaveCave Pantry. No luck so far...just like the Laundry...truth be told? I was shopping for a new laundry stack for more than a year before the Squirrel administered the coup de grace!

So after two days of mostly catchin' up on my R&R, I took a look at my weather websites...the AFD's say we're in for a few nice days this week.The Climate Prediction Center Folks posted their latest 90 Day Climate Outlook Discussion...they said we have a Strong El Niño in place now...and went on to waffle in regards to it's potential effects...sigh...suddenly I'm not so rested anymore...

I will really enjoy my trip up the hill tomorrow afternoon...the Big Valley is just beautiful this time of year when the sun is shining, the Foothills as well as the High Sierra will remind me of just how awesome Mother nature's handiwork is...should be hero Snow on the Mountain, too!

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