Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sleepin' In

Damn, I didn't mean to sleep in...I awoke to my alarm at 8:15. I wanted to listen to Farmer Fred's Garden Show on the radio. I fell back asleep after 20 minutes or so...crap. I was gonna call in, too...

Fred's guest was Debbie Arrington, garden writer for the Sacramento Bee, the subject was roses.

I need some advice about automated irrigation for Dad's roses.

I had another question for Debbie about a column she wrote in October 2009.

I was listening to her on Farmer Fred's show and she'd written a column about the Mavericks' Surf Contest WeatherDudes. They were forecasting "30 Major Winter Storms to hit Central California" I remember the chill that ran down my back when I heard that! I wrote a blog about it: "Thoughts On The Beach" Sadly, the link to Arrington's original column is broken now.

I've always wanted to know if the Surf WeatherDudes nailed that forecast or not. Looking back at the 2009/2010 season, I think we were a little shy of the 30 storms they promised. Perhaps we did get all 30, and they've paled in memory after the pounding we took during the 2012-2011 season?

Anyway that was gonna be my second question...

My Take-Away Lesson? I better get to work on my BodyClock Reset!

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  1. My clock has never reset all through this weird ass season? Now we have SNRAIN...welcome precipitation, no doubt, and not unusual for the Eastern side of Oregon, but, two months late.

    Or is it? "They" say, "precipitation in February is the crux of the matter", so I've been told.

    Perhaps The Tilting of the Earth's axis from several severe earthquakes over the past ten years may affect weather patterns?

    Howz about that glowing waterfall in Yosemite? Very interesting phenomena. Alpen glow is a sight to behold, isn't it? Water over granite.

    One thing I can testify too during this horrid season is that the morning sun rises have been spectacular! So happy for the early morning colour on drab grey daze.

    Should be daffodil time at the AD?