Friday, February 24, 2012

Too Early?

...for Spring Fever? I may have an early case coming on...

It's 11AM, I'm halfway through a pot of French Roast, as I prep an Asparagus Frittata for "brunch"...

Both asparagus and artichokes are appearing in the grocery stores at mid-season prices now...can "real" springtime be far off? The Spring Equinox is still a month away...

...oh yeah, the Green Flag just dropped on the first Gatorade Duel at Daytona International Speedway! The Twin 150s are qualifiers for Sunday's Daytona 500. The slower cars are trying to race their way into the Big Show. The final four spots are up for grabs...oh, and ambient temps are above 80F under sunny skies!

Of course I'm multitasking...I'm following Formula One pre-season testing from Barcelona via Twitter too.

The F1 teams are trying to log as much data as possible about Pirelli's new tires, and how the tires interface with the new aero rules. The blown diffusers are history, and strict new Sporting Regulations prohibit using exhaust gasses to generate downforce.

The 2012 Sporting Regulations specify reduced downforce, the tires are closer time-wise between compounds, and have improved longevity, with the bonus of generating much fewer "marbles" which will preserve the more novel "passing zones". I'm not sure my ticker can stand better racing than last season, but I can't hardly wait for March 18th's Season Opener in Brisbane, Australia!

OK...having caught up on F1, I can focus now on the Good Old Boys in Daytona. (It's already 9PM in Barcelona!)

NASCAR has new aero rules this year too...on the restrictor plate tracks the two car draft is gone, and they're racing in a pack again...this is another of those Good News/Bad News Deals...

The restrictor plates are mandated to keep the speeds on the super speedways below light tell you the truth, I'd like to see them can the plates and slow 'em down with aero restrictions. I love the draft and the old "slingshot" moves.

There's another new regime in NASCAR this year. Say adios to carburetors, and hola Fuel Injection. I don't know how much driver adjustability NASCAR new rules allow, but this could really obscure the fuel mileage strategy, especially on super speedways...

In the first Gatorade Duel today they had a little "Big One"...nobody hurt, but lots of wrecked race cars...No "Big One" in today's second qualifier.

What I said about Springtime? Judging by the local gas station it must be Memorial Day in Pepperland!

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