Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quick Phobos/Grunt Reentry Update 5

The flight of Phobos/Grunt is over, but accusations of blame are just beginning to fly!

I don't know if the US radars on Kwajalein atoll are even used to study asteroids...

All this seems like so much CYA...are all these Space Agencies still full of aging Cold Warriors?

Comrades, fellas...Old Dudes! You can let go of the past without dishonoring it, or diminishing your place in it's history! You'll save a ton of money and grab more brass rings along the way if you figure out how to cooperate!

From the Muddied Waters Dept:
@Zarya_Info tweeted:
"Phobos-Grunt - is everyone writing fantasy about the re-entry? Aviation Week item riddled with inaccuracies/errors: "

Lest we forget, Kosmos 2176 has most likely reentered. Predicted reentry zone was again the Southern Pacific Ocean.

All this reentering satellite stuff caught the UKGuardian's eye.

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  1. The "old guys" are dead or waiting in line. It's the NEW guys that one has to worry about. They are vicious, self serving, black booted thugs! Worse than ever.

    Screw Russia and the U.S.A. What the heck is China up too?

    Remember when the goal of space adventuring was to UNITE opposing factions on a mission of peace? Well, forget that dream. It costs billions of dollars to buy space for a telecom sat orbit. Competition is keen.

    Think diminishing resources and there's your motive. PROFIT over sense.

    By the way, it's raining here. Substantial downpour. Hope your precip turns to snow.