Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick Phobos/Grunt Reentry Update 3

Day two of waiting for confirmation of Phobos/Grunt's final resting place.

Monday (yesterday) @esaoperations tweeted:
"Formal update in ESA web on reentry will come only Tuesday 17.01. Team waiting for one final set of estimates. Regret delay."

Again this morning @esaoperations tweeted:
" team still waiting for final data inputs to complete our report. News as soon as we have it. Regret (more) delay."

I see the dearth of observation tools in the Southern Oceans at play here, while US Space-Based radars are Top Secret, so out of bounds for now...I'm sure US StratCom doesn't want to tip potential adversaries to their capabilities...

I see cooler heads are speaking out out in regards to the charge that US Radar Sabotage may have brought about Phobos/Grunt's demise.

OK...it's been 24 hours since ESA promised their formal update on Phobos/Grunt's reentry. I'll post an update to this post when ESA publishes.

Stay Tuned!

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  1. After a little teasing of snow early this week it looks to be a storm sliding in. They say 1-3 inches of snow at all elevations. Brrrr.