Monday, January 16, 2012

Quick Phobos/Grunt Reentry Update 2

While still no debris has been found, and no location confirmation is forthcoming, there is news:

@esaoperations Tweets: "Formal update in ESA web on reentry will come only Tuesday 17.01. Team waiting for one final set of estimates. Regret delay."

Dutch Sattrackcam's blog illuminates the problems pinpointing the exact spot that Phobos/Grunt reentered and crashed.

If you feel the Post-Phobos/Grunt letdown like I do, fear not, another piece of space junk will reenter tomorrow reports @SPACEFLIGHT101:

 "1,900-Kilogram COSMOS 2176 is expected to re-enter the Atmosphere tomorrow at 16:10 UTC +/-7 Hours. Current Prediction:

Stay tuned!


  1. Technology relating to tracking systems has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years and it really is incredible what it is possible to do these days.

    satellite tracking

  2. It amazes me with all the information floating around in the world (especially with google earth) that there is no "real time" reporting of the crash site.

    Just makes you wonder what the hell was on that multi million dollar piece of junk?

    Maybe the pirates off of the Ivory Coast scored a beeg one?