Friday, April 1, 2011


And so it begins...I should be sleeping...last night was NOT an auspicious beginning to my week! Springtime began for real with temps flirting with the 60's in the afternoon, and barely making freezing overnight...downright ugly grooming conditions...even for a 21st Century Grooming Fleet...even the best machinery can't break the Laws of Physics...

So, I fell asleep before the Noon News ended, but not before I set my DVR to watch the SF Giants' Opening Day game from Los Angeles. Then I woke up a half an hour before game time.

Last season was Nirvana for San Francisco Giants fans. The scrappy upstart SF Giants played small ball and came together as a team in time for a Stretch Run that landed them in the Playoffs where they ran the table and became 2010 World Series Champions. SF Giants' fans waited 54 years for this to happen. Along the way the 2010 Giants' style became known as "Torture" many come-from-behind wins, so many by only one run, so many decided in the 9th inning...It was torture all right...sweet torture...

I'm still up watching because the torture started in the 2nd inning tonight. Dodger hitters were getting to two-time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum, who didn't record a strikeout until the 2nd inning. Up until the 6th inning, the Dodgers had nine base the 6th, a throwing error with one out started the wheels falling off the Giants' train...then Lincecum hit the next batter, another throwing error and the bases were loaded with one out!

Whew! Lincecum and the Giants escaped with only one Dodger run.

OK, I'll admit to my masochist side...I surfed the 'net for the remote weather's high temp on my mountain is up +11°F over yesterday...I'm afraid the Torture isn't going to end after nine innings tonight...

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