Thursday, March 31, 2011


Oh man, I'm still awake...things are bubbling through my brain, so much that I can't get to sleep...

Baseball season is almost here...30 hours left in March...America's Cup Regatta News every day...Salmon Season opens Saturday...10 days of parties and events to lead into the AMGEN Tour of California Pro Bicycle Race in May...Stage 2 comes past the DaveCave and right into my wheelhouse!

I've been getting emails from BajaBabe, she's doing a Big Spring Road Trip that'll put her in Truckee for a few days centered on the Bike!

This distributor R&R is like pulling teeth! At every step along the way, I encounter another diabolical hassle courtesy of GM's finest engineering...Grrrr...

More woodpeckers at Mrs Landlord's feeder again today...White Headed Woodpecker, and what I've been calling a "Big Flicker" may in fact be a Gila Woodpecker, and what I first believed to be an Acorn Woodpecker may actually be a Ladder-Backed Woodpecker or a Nuttall's Woodpecker...I'll keep after it until I make a positive ID.

The first time around, I fell asleep during both Open Wheel Races Sunday after work...the IndyCar Race on the streets of St Petersberg, Florida, and the Australian GP.

The F1 rules have changed big time again this tires (Pirelli), new aero rules, KERS is back, the front wings are fixed, and the rear wing is driver adjustable during the race now!

Thanks to the miracle of DVRs, I caught up with the races, and especially the evolving tech that keeps F1 at the forefront of motor racing a German Engineer's Kid, I'm helpless to resist this stuff...this year the teams are routing the exhaust to the front of the cars to increase the volume of air under the cars to increase downforce and cornering speed.

KERS the Kinetic Energy Recovery System wasn't pivotal Sunday...we'll see how it tips the balance when the F1 Circus visits some of the tighter tracks this summer in Europe...Melbourne's street circuit is fairly fast...the Pole Winning lap averaged more than 142 MPH. I can't wait to see what KERS will do at Monaco on Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Woo Hoo! I can't wait to be there there! I'm up for a game of Bay Area B Ball...Go Giants! and for sailing on the Bay. May have to settle for a ferry ride, easy thrill. Can't wait to drive out to Point Reyes!

    Looks to be warm down there today? Must be verdant green hills? Should be a patch of Bleu above us today as well as warmer temps. Gotta love the valley after a right proper rain. Gotta love being out of the grey.

    Off to collect some rocks for the pathway. Oppurtunity knocks.

  2. The Sutter Buttes webcam views on Channel 13's News last night were awesome! Looked like Ireland at it's very greenest!