Saturday, March 12, 2011

Takin' The Cure

Good evening, my name is TruckeeDave, and I'm a one hour before bedtime electronic gadget abuser...

OK, it's impossible not to be overstimulated today...Tsunami coverage has been intense...and non-stop.

When I set about writing this post, I had planned on a sweet diversion in the arms of comfortable old Americana...Cactus League Baseball on TV.

Wouldn't you know it...preempted by continuing tsunami coverage...I clicked around the dial in vain, and settled on KPIX5 CBS in San Francisco for some LIVE tsunami surge still ongoing 20+ hours after the Japan Quake, and 10 hours since the tsunami surge swamped the Santa Cruz Harbor.

Amazing the power of the sea when contained in a deep south-facing harbor. At least $15 Million in damage. Five boats sunk outright, another 100 damaged, and $10 Million in damage to the harbor itself.

I'm Saved!
Clicking back in search of baseball, I watched the SF Giants pound San Diego Padres pitcher Mat Latos for four runs in the first.  Interestingly, the telecast is having trouble with it's gadgets...they've been going back and forth with the audio feed...from full-fidelity audio, to over the phone backup.

Even with the TV snafus, I can feel the tsunami tension ebbing...I'll be asleep before this game's over.

I'm thinking it's satellite troubles...the whole video feed just hiccuped...still, so far I've seen some amazing baseball...stolen bases, hit batsman, great defensive play, and Giants' hurler Tim Lincecum is on his game.

Again my world is spinning in greased grooves...this does play in Peoria  Arizona...

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  1. Baja Ride that waveMarch 12, 2011 at 7:50 AM

    I thought I felt the earth tilt. Spam prices are at a record high in Hawaii. Did you know that the Owyhee River in Eastern Oregon is the spelling for Hawaii?