Friday, March 11, 2011

Down Time

So, I have accepted my fate...mechanically speaking...

This morning I whined: "This 'playing hurt' is for the birds, unless you're a millionaire pro athlete"...

Here's the deal...Tuesday, while installing the new ignition module in my pickup, I lost my footing while fully stretched out over the pickup's V8, and I fell onto the edge of the front fender, causing an unsettling noise like breaking celery stalks. I heard my sternum make this same noise several years ago when I fell onto a 2X12 deck joist while building a deck at a friend's place. Fractured cartilage?

Then yesterday, my landlord generously offered me the use of his little Toyota "as a parts runner" if I'd like, just dig it out and here's the key!

It was toasty warm as I shoveled the two feet of wet, settled snow off the parts runner. I shoehorned myself into the driver's seat and ran downtown. Safeway, Truckee Bagel Co, and the Auto Parts Store to pick up my new distributor. I put the Toyota back in it's spot, made lunch, and turned in early...all was right with the world, I shuffled off to Dreamland a totally satisfied man, at peace with my world.

After my first sleep shift I awoke to find myself having painful spasms from said sternum cartilage...ouch! Nothing a hot shower and a stiff rum cocktail couldn't fix!

So, here I am 24 hours later, regretting the shoveling but thanking the rum. Spasms gone, dull pain hanging in as a reminder to take it easy for a while.

Damn, laughing isn't always the best medicine...Patrick Warburton is killing me tonight!

I'm wondering about the etymology of "That cracks me up"...

About the sleep shifts...
CBS ran a story the other day citing a study that says: "Electronic gadgets are screwing up our sleep cycles"

I saw it on Sacramento's Good Day Sacramento (GDS)

Watch the video here

I am one of the 95%...Guilty...could be something here...last summer I changed the desktop on my laptop to a beautiful astrograph of the Milky Way...nice and may not be dark enough...could be messin' with my body clock...

Nice to see Taryn Winter Brill again, she was co-anchor of GDS when I started watching a few years ago, back when I called it the "Trainwreck News" GDS is still off the hook, but it's a ratings winner...not to mention vastly entertaining!

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