Saturday, February 5, 2011

The State Of The Mountain

...Is Strong.

Yes, I'm so glad to be outta the DaveCave and back on my mountain!

While I was off slicing myself silly, the Vehicle Shop got all the parts in for my tiller, and installed every one. Now my Old Thoroughbred, is running like a gazelle, and once again making perfect, berm-free passes.

This is a very liberating development! Now I'm free to groom in any manner I fancy...surprisingly, having to groom from only one side is more stressful than I thought...I can't say how much I enjoyed my shift last night!

Our blustery East Wind is blowing Arctic Air into the region, so the snow that fell overnight Saturday is staying cold and dry...Hero Snow for sure.

Graveyard shift kicked it last night...right after swing shift did. We groomed almost everything...with just six used to take twelve shifts and a lot of good luck to do that when we were running BR275's.

Here in the 21st Century, we run two winch shifts and four free cat shifts, all in BR350's and Sherpa Winches (BR350 Winchcats) The BR350's cost more than the previous generation groomers, but with that sweet extra 75 horsepower, we've cut the labor by half!

Is it possible to halve the labor while doubling the operator's enjoyment? Almost!

I've been running BR350's for 4-5 years now, and I still marvel at how much work these cats do. The extra 75HP, the great visibility, on a frame that's perfectly balanced, and the peak of Gunfighter Grip Evolution controlling a snappy fast, perfectly aggressive blade, still cause nearly nightly grins and giggles...

Jeweler and the iPhone Camera catch me in full-stick flight Friday Morning
Oh, and my finger slice doesn't fall on any of the Gunfighter Grip's buttons...cue grins and giggles...

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