Friday, February 4, 2011

More Wind In The Lodgepoles

The morning after my Excellent SushiFest, I decided that a photo or two of the new sashimi knife would be good for the Blog...thanks to the Celebration Ale, I'd passed on cleaning up the kitchen, and the knife was filthy...

I filled the dish pan with hot soapy water, and enjoyed another cup of French Roast. On the radio, Armstrong & Getty were in fine fettle...I was even laughing out loud as they riffed on the latest Train Wreck News, Charlie Sheen Dept.

In time, I did the new knife air dried in the dish rack, and I grabbed my digicam, some yardage for a background, and set up my little photoshoot.

Just Damn...the knife dried with a haze on the beautiful steel blade...I grabbed the Windex and a paper towel...spritzed and began to buff out the haze...

I held the blade with the hollow ground side down, the back of the blade was just wall to wall shine, you know that dripping wet chrome look?

I rubbed for all I was worth...the blade was buffing out nicely...then the tip of my index finger snuck around the edge of the knife and I effortlessly sliced the fingertip...OUCH!

Day Two's BandAid...more for cushion than anything else.
Pay attention douche! Yes, it bled like crazy...I messed up the sink in the bathroom. I trussed it up with some BandAids and spent the rest of the day banging the offended digit into just about everything in the DaveCave

I slept on it, and took a look 24 hours later...what a beautiful slice! What a blade!

OK, now with my Prime Index Finger on the bench, I had time to head out with my camera to make some photos of the new snow...Stepping onto my driveway, I was greeted with quite a zephyr...the East Wind was howling...I hadn't opened the curtains all morning, so I'd missed the trees thrashing around in the wind.

I drove past Donner Lake...wall to wall whitecaps. Looking up at Donner Peak, it looked like the Himalayas...right out of the pages of National Geographic! Up I went, scouting for a good place to shoot. There was tons of blowing snow, which eliminated my first few choices. Finally I found a wide spot on the shoulder, rolled down my window and snapped a few pics...

My shutter release finger was just a little tender, even with a new BandAid, so I used the middle finger. The wind had to be 35MPH. I was surprised at how much snow was still around to be moved like that. It was freakin' cold too!

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