Sunday, January 30, 2011

Here It Comes!

A fast moving Winter Storm is headed our way! January has been almost devoid of snow since New Year's Day. Gazing upon my calendar I realize it's been four weeks without!

My month long battle with this stubborn chest cold insured I'd be asleep early again Saturday morning, so I woke up in time to view some local weathercasts Saturday evening. Oh man, everyone is all excited!

The buzz started mid-week. KTVU's WeatherDude, Bill Martin, my Go-To Bay Area WeatherGeek/Surfer/Radio Control Model Enthusiast, was first out of the box via Facebook and Twitter. Martin is enthusiastic, but he's no Blowhard...He geeks out on meteorology like I do, and as a Bay Area Surfer, he pays extra attention to ocean conditions that favor saltwater fishermen like myself, as well as the "Gnarly Dude!" set.

My Sacramento Valley Go-To Guy is KCRA3's Mark Finan. Finan has been focused on the Valley be expected as the dense fog has the greatest impact on his audience. Mark's Twitter Feed shows a man who's deeply in love with meteorology...Finan's been quiet since Friday, so he may be outta town for the American Meteorology Society Convention in Seattle.

I got out of bed at 6:30PM, threw on some clothes and ran upstairs to roll up the windows of my pickup. The SW Wind was still blowing, so the storm will get here tonight. That SW Wind was blowing when I got to work at 11:45 Friday was still blowing when I left work at 0900.

The forecasters at Reno's NWS Office have been issuing plenty of updates to their AFD this afternoon...makin' hay while the sun shines! Maybe 5-10 inches on tap!

Let's hope the snow will be falling when I get up tonight...Good Night.

10PM Update:
So far this storm hasn't found it's way to the West much for the "fast moving" moniker...Reno's 9:04PM AFD Update says they're pushing back the arrival well into Sunday, but they think we'll still get 5-10 inches...back to work with crossed fingers...


  1. Time to visit el doctor for some antibiotics...I suggest z-pac, one pill a day for seven days. Ya don't wanna mess with ye old lungs.

    PBS will have a wonderful program on NASA this week. Tune it in.

    The wind is justa starting here, usually the harbinger of a storm. Suppose to be cold also. I just am sure happy I don't live in Seneca!

    Wish they had crab here.

  2. KQED's been showing the NASA Doc...great stuff! I captured the first episode on DVR...Mercury and Gemini...forgot to set for the Apollo show...I'll catch it in late Feb...

    It started to snow at midnight. I checked the 24Hr stake at 0200- 2 inches at 0400 4 inches, at 0545 more than 6 more time to drive by the stake...a good 10-12 before the shades came out of their case!