Sunday, January 23, 2011

Serendipity Saves My Night

Circumstances turned yours truly into a Big Crankypants Saturday night. I got all my sleep and no avail...

One of my guys, Eskimo, must have had too much caffeine because in the space of a mere three hours, he'd come up with three new Game Plans for his shift...all without any impetus from changing weather, machine breakdowns, or crew illness. He was on a roll, and I couldn't squelch his fervor to save my life.

I've always been a "don't say anything if you can't say something civil" fact I make it my business to never call out an employee over the 2-way fact if one of my guys needs a talking-to, I wait until the next shift when my blood pressure has returned to normal, and I've had a chance to "sleep on it". These bumpy roads are really opportunities if you don't squander them in a white hot fog.

So there I am...grinding around the hill at a slow walk...even with my boss reflexes fully aroused, and after a full day's sleep, "highway hypnosis" finally turns my eyelids heavy, so I key the mic and announce: "I'm goin' 10-7 for lunch", pull up to a remote steep, throttle down, turn off my lights, recline the throne, and set the timer on my iPod for 30mins...

In a second or two, my night vision kicks in and there's the International Space Station, scudding across the sky headed NNE! Not that bright really, but still an awesome sight as it glides by.

All the stars had aligned to give me that exact moment...Eskimo's over-caffeinated "planning" and every other little change-up combined to award me with that little moment.

Eskimo will get my treatise on planning next week...after a relaxing weekend...

After my nap Sunday, I looked at the internet to confirm my ISS sighting...I found another satellite that caught my interest, NASA's NanoSail-D2. This micro satellite surprised NASA when after it was believed lost to malfunction back in Novenber, the little loaf of bread sized satellite deployed it's 100 square foot solar sail and phoned home!

This guy is not very bright in the night sky, and it will reenter and burn up in 90-120 days, but I'll keep my eyes peeled for this one!


  1. the Crankypants syndrome has been going around lately. It is wondrous when an extraordinary moment wows the soul and softens the out of sorts feeling.

    You are a professional. No one wants to be chided in front of team members. Exuberance and self initiative is an interesting thing to witness.

    Wish I had some of that get up and go spirit.

  2. I stand by my original statement...caffiene, not exuberance or self initiative powered Eskimo's mania.

    Crankypants syndrome aside, you Baja ahh are a soft touch...not quite Pollyanna...close...