Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fully Rested

I woke up last night at 11PM...a full hour late. I fell asleep around 11AM, and woke briefly around 5PM...I don't know if the alarm woke me and I turned it off and went back to sleep, or if I forgot to set it before passing out so early. I fell asleep before writing my daily CorduroyPlanet...hence the late post today.

You see, Tuesday I only got two hours of sleep before my "Monday" night, and boy that was one  painful shift, even with 30 minutes of shuteye for lunch!

So, up an hour late, I skipped my shower and shave, my dinner, and was only  one minute fact the crew roared away from the shop about 10 minutes earlier than normal!

The grooming is still good...firm pack with all the sugar you can till up! So. armed with plenty of radio podcasts I roared off into the night. I tidied up two ramps right off the bat, and then set about making lots of corduroy.

The crew was way low maintenance, and toiled away in a most workmanlike manner.

The waning moon caught my attention when it rose just before 0530. I'd been meaning to catch a few photos, so I had my digicam in my bag.

Jeweler got a new iPhone and he's been taking a bunch of snaps with it, and they show up on Facebook most days, so I was feeling like the First Runner-Up in a backwater talent show who knows where...

I like the way the dash lights reflected in the windshield evoke a comet's tail...and I do regret the white socks! You can see what looks like the moon reflected by the back window too...actually that's a button on the Gunfighter Grip...looks like the moon...a little...

I haven't started carrying a tripod yet...but I'll make a point to during the next Full Moon...Movies by Moonlight? Hell yes!

All this gadget play is fun, but I'd rather be fighting a huge storm period...good news ahead, the weatherdudes are starting to say showers Sunday!

Fingers still crossed!

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