Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Old Home Week

Homecoming even...

As of Monday, I've been hearing from a lot of old compadres this month. Landcruiser Scott e-mailed after our meeting in the parking lot back at the beginning of the month. The first woman groomer I ever worked with (back in the 80's) dropped me a note this week as well. Julie got in touch, and some of my non-grooming friends from the past have shown up on my Facebook page this week...

Could it be that three weeks in January without any storms have turned otherwise engaged, focused ski people into bored, aimless web wanderers? I dunno...

I do know that I'm fully bored and feeling news is no news...becalmed in the doldrums is kind of like Earthly Purgatory...even the Local TV News is infected...they featured a story this week about "the dangerous conditions on Sierra Ski Slopes"!

What the Frick? This was a new low, even for ratings hungry Valley News Directors! The Sacramento TV Stations have proven themselves to be cheerleaders of doom this season...a chance of showers is ballyhood as "a difficult weekend for driving Sierra highways" and this week, beautiful sunny weather on the slopes became "dangerous hard-pack conditions at Sierra ski resorts".

Beyond the pale..this week's conditions are no more dangerous than any firm-packed time...helmets are smart-wear for sliders anytime..put one on!

Tuesday has dawned a little brighter...SPEED is re-airing the 2010 German Grand Prix...just the diversion my mind needs...laundry and baking some Oatmeal/Nectarine Cookies are co-conspirators in my Self-Deception far it's working...


  1. There is a lot of news out there if one is willing to dial it in. It's the end of January and your ski season is winding down...many are bored with the weather. Soldier on mon ami.

  2. SisterSweetly emailed this AM...she's had a couple of days of sunshine, and she's tickled pink!

    The models are starting to hint at possible flurries overnight Sunday.

    Finger's crossed!

    My crew kicked it again last night, it may be firm, but it's grooming out great.

    You know my soft spot for InfoTainment...News is just Noise lately...thank God the Don Geronimo Show is back on the AM! News? Nope...let me up!