Thursday, January 13, 2011


Not the Bible tablets from on high...just some ah-ha moments from my world this week...

I've been enduring a long two week siege from my chest I'm extra weary every day...fortunately, Mother Nature gave us a break in the weather, no new snowfall all week...less snow shoveling, more shuteye my fever broke after a week.

Then this massacre in Tuscon Saturday lit up the TV and radio with the non-stop drumbeat of partisan politics...four endless days of (dare I say it?) Vitriol...arrrgggghhhhh!

Let me up...shut up...just another crazy person who shot up a bunch of innocent bystanders while trying to kill the object of his twisted stalking mission...the shooter snapped when the congresswoman didn't give enough credence to the shooter's concerns about the lax attention to grammar by the Federal Government!

I, like most Americans was relieved when the polls closed on the first Tuesday in  November...the cacophony of the almost endless Campaign reaches the pain threshold about a week before Election Day.

The overwrought politicking in the wake of the Tuscon Massacre brought me straight back to the peak of the campaign caterwauling...not a place I'd voluntarily return to.

Time Out!
Enough of politics...I can't take it anymore!

I had a revelation at the the fuel dock the other morning.

I was chatting up the Vehicle Maintenance Boss, Nick. I said the new pumps and motors had my old BR350 running like a cheetah...Nick said the pumps and motors weren't new, just the splitter box and track belts were renewed in the off-season...What? I'd been hearing about the "new pumps and motors" all season!

My good ol' BR350 has nearly 9000 hours on the clock, but it's running like a thoroughbred! This tractor is the best cat I've ever driven, and I've run more than a few big hearted groomers in my time!

Last night, even with less than Hero Snow conditions, running my old BR350 was a crew did it in spades overnight, too...extra trails machine woes, good skiing today, and we were off the hill an hour early.

So it was revealed to me that my cat is still delivering despite it's advancing age...once again politics reveals itself as America's Favorite Blood Sport...damn the yin and yang revelations...I need another nap!

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