Friday, December 31, 2010


Truckee is overrun with Holiday Revelers this week. The people couldn't resist the perfect recipe:

Great Christmas Season
Record Snowfall in November
Bountiful December Snowfall

No Income Tax Increase
Unemployment Insurance Extensions

Serve and Enjoy
Serves thousands
Nutritional values may vary

They're everywhere...I'd forgotten how exciting merely driving past the gas station at the bottom of my hill could be!

Going to the grocery store takes real commitment time-wise. You know you're in for it when you can't even find a place to park!

Whenever the crowds plug Truckee and turn the little chores into Epic Trials, I have to thank BajaBabe who impressed on me the need to maintain a decent Pantry! Thanks BajaBabe!

Thursday morning was a Bluebird Morning...first one this week (I can't be 100% sure, the days are all running together as they do every Christmas Holiday Period) It wasn't just the Locals who spent the past few days hunkered down...without that Pantry...

I checked the Reno AFD to see if there's any more snow on tap before the end of the weekend. It seems their models aren't in agreement past a couple of hours. We could get a few inches of snow, or the snow could go South of us.

I've considered an after work Reno Run to re-provision. Reno News Radio reports Reno's plugged too...New Years Eve is an outsized event in the Biggest Little City...I'm hoping another Bluebird Morning will clear a path to my local Safeway...if I pick up a couple of things and I can re-hunker...

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  1. Indeed! The walk in pantry at our ancestral digs was a place of refuge from the noisy family I grew up with. I remember reading books in the solace of the foodstuffs. Sometimes I'd be sneaking a fingerfull or two of the sweet homemade jams that resided on the shelves as I mindlessly turned the pages. Yum.

    We have grapple and blue birdie skies also. The mourning doves and little brown birds are enjoying the sunny cold. I'll take cold with sun any day.

    Bonne Annee Mon Ami! Et merci mille fois aussi!