Thursday, November 4, 2010

No Rain on My Parade

I watched a parade on TV Wednwsday...all four hours of it!

No I'm not big on parades really, It must be 30+ years since I've seen more than a second of the Rose Parade while clicking around the dial in search of a College Football Bowl Game.

Now that I think of it, I do watch the Fourth of July Parade in Downtown Truckee when the CableTV company puts it up on the Local Channel...Truckee's Independence Day parade is so "Small Town America" and comfortably corn-ball. I love watching the kids havin' such a giddy good time. The highlight show never goes more than an hour.

So, what of the Four Hour Parade?

This was the San Francisco Giants World Series Parade. The four hours of TV coverage was on COMCAST's SportsNet Bay Area, and had the studio hosts babbling about the day and the Giants' history in San Francisco while they introduced each live report from the parade route. The whole affair was like an Orange and Black stream washing down a cobble strewn brook...mellow in comparison to the edge of your seat excitement that was this season for the SF Giants and their fans.

There's lots of stuff to talk about and remember about the team since they arrived in San Francisco back in 1958 full of hope and promise...lots of wistful memories were conjured up Wednesday.

The Giants say more than a million fans lined the parade route and filled the Civic Center Plaza in front of City Hall where the stage was set for the Giants and a bevy of dignitaries on hand to fete the team.

Throughout the whole four hours, I saw and heard so many "If only so and so had lived, they'd be so happy that the Giants finally, after all these years, won the "Big One"

Everyone in my family said it this week. "Dad would have loved this"...

Typical of any "Only in San Francisco" event, there were signs and costumes...I read in today's Chronicle their account of the day. One fan was holding his infant son who had a sign that read "I've been waiting SEVEN MONTHS for this" Here's the Chronicle's photo album.

COMCAST SportsNet showed the whole four hour show again Wednesday night...

It was a beautiful  warm Autumn day in the City, and the forecast is for two more days of warming before the next wet system comes to visit.

So, full of happy feelings and warm all over, I surfed the web to see how warm the mountains were. It was  nearly 70°F Wednesday afternoon. Reno's AFD  was still touting possible record high temps before the weekend arrival of the next system, and Boreal walked back their program to one chair, night skiing only.Boreal's website announced that their "Operation schedules will be updated day-by-day"

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